Another Bump in the Road

I was thinking recently that we are running into more maintenance issues this season.  But then I remembered thinking the same thing last year and the year before as well. 

Perhaps it’s time that I simply accept the the fact that

The definition of cruising is working on your boat in exotic locations

The clever readers have noticed that we have been going back and forth between the island of Vulcano and Portorosa, Sicily. 

This is because three weeks ago, perhaps a bit more, I noticed a retaining ring had fallen out of the lower rudder bearing and was sitting on top of the rudder. Ouch, not good. Thank goodness for the calm weather that has been very easy on the boat lately. 

So while hosting our guests for the last couple of weeks we’ve also been working with our friends at PYI (thank you Fred and Phil) to figure out what to order.  We also had to find a boatyard that could lift the boat so we could do the work.  

Ita to the rescue again!  Locals on the island of Panarea, who own an 80 foot motor yacht “GOGO”, saw our dog one day and came by to say hello and tell us that they also had a similar dog. We asked them if they knew of a yard that could help us and the next thing you know they were calling and emailing the yard in Portorosa, Sicily to make arrangements for us!!
We tried to time things to line up with Ulf and Sara’s departure but ad to wait another couple of days for parts. 

Yesterday, the boat was hauled, we removed the rudder, installed the replacement and we’re back floating in about four hours. Best of all yesterday was the day that the two week heat wave decided to take a day off. It actually rained a good deal of the time we were doing the work, all the while enjoying the thunder and lightning show over and around Mt. Etna. 

Today we are cleaning all the boatyard filth off the boat and then will be on our way to the Straits of Messina and the East Coast of Sicily. 

Greece is just around the corner!!

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