Small Challenges

It’s  hot here. Damn hot!

Robin Williams “Good Morning Vietnam” (for those of you that know the movie) hot.  If you don’t know the movie do yourself a favor and check this out.

Three weeks with an average wind speed of less than 5 knots!  “Larchmont Junior Race Week” kind of light winds and hot!  (At least there are no flies here)

Too many jellyfish, can’t go swimming in the 80 degree water kind of hot.

Now I sort of understand the euro male habit of wearing speedo’s kind of hot.

We are told that we are living through an epic European heat wave. I could have figured that out by myself, but didn’t know that this heat wave was smashing 130 year old records!

People say not to worry. That over the next few weeks temps will be returning to normal. I’m not sure that I can take much comfort in that since “normal” August temps resemble what we have today!  Sounds like no change to me!!

So hot that Deb is actually thinking about partially shaving poor Ita, and I agreed to buy a stupid nine euro inflatable speedboat bathtub to help the dog out!

That Kind of hot!


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