Sardinia to Sicily

Well, that was easy!  Feeling just a bit guilty for rushing off, we left a beautiful anchorage behind two mornings ago bound 150nm east for Sicily.  Somewhere in Sicily. Where?  We were not sure.

Egadi Islands - Sicily 017This one had to be our easiest passage ever. The winds had been forecast to be between 5 and 10 knots. After some nice sailing for the first few hours, I’m not sure we ever saw more than 4 knots.   All this good news of course comes with a small catch. We did have to run the engine for 15 hours and fuel over is a touch on the very expensive side.

We ended up stoping in the Egadi Islands.  These three islands are off the NW corner of Sicily and are part of a large nature preserve. No fishing, limits on motoring near the islands, limits on anchoring etc.

The results are a very beautiful set of islands and anchorages. Here is a picture of our current anchorage off the island of Favignani. We have it all to ourselves this morning.

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