It’s Friday at Block Island Race Week!!


For as long as I can remember, win or lose on Friday afternoons at BIRW, we would all end up at Mahogany Shoals Bar on Payne’s Dock.  Mahogany Shoals makes the best mudslide on the island, and with the racing done any responsibility to “behave and be ready for racing tomorrow” was long gone.

There have been some great stories as a result of these Friday afternoons, but my favorite occured just 4 years ago today.

For some reason, my friend Pops decided to bring his 8 year old daughter along.  They arrived late, so Pops headed for the bar to get a couple of drinks.  When it was his turn to order, Pops asked the “older” and very dignified bar tender for one mudslide, and a “virgin mudslide” for his daughter.

The bartender thought for a moment, turned slowly towards Pops and said, “Sir, that would be a glass of ice!”

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