Heading East!

  • 18 Month Tax Free Clock for the boat restarted??  CHECK
  • Jim @ Deb’s Resident Cards renewed??   CHECK

Let’s go!!

A week in Gibraltar, is about six days too long.  Happily, we are heading East today after filling up the diesel tanks at the duty free fuel dock on our way out!!

The “other” Pillar of Hercules
The picture above was taken from the top of a hill between Gibraltar and Tarifa.  It’s not far between Europe and Africa from here!!
So, off we go with a great forecast for the next three days.  I think we’ll go overnight and then pick a place to stop.  We’ve done this coast before and don’t really have any need to see too much.  Would like to make it to the Balearic Islands as soon as possible.
Let the real trip begin!!

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