Dan… Gibraltar

Thursday, May 21 in Gibraltar:
After docking at the Queensway Quay Marina in Gibraltar, we headed into town and to the central square via Main Street. This is a strange little 2.3 mile British Overseas Protectorate whose main function it appears is to provide wealthy English businesses and persons the ability to shelter some/most of their income from the normal English tax system. The whole place strikes me as unseemly and comforting at the same time. Unseemly that one need be wealthy to even understand and be able to invest in these offshore havens while comforting that it’s not just wealthy US businesses and persons that are three card Monte-ing all us suckers. I guess I prefer it if everyone is being screwed while I’m being screwed too. I guess I’m just generous that way.
Anyway, and in short, Gibraltar is a small and strange piece of Briton tucked away on the Spanish coast, inhabited by Gibraltarians that seem cast aways with no hope of returning home. But, their lives aren’t so bad as all the true work is done by Spaniards that commute in everyday to do the work that the English can’t, won’t or don’t know how to do.
Oh, and the food SUCKS! Even the bloody chips and fish. You’d think they’d be able to figure out the flipp’n chips and fish. Blimey!

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