Great Sailing as we break in Gibb’s new boat

In all the history of sailiing, I doubt very much that anyone other than us has ever tried to go downwind with a double head rig and storm trysail!!

Yes, I've been quiet and yes we've had a few challenges lately, but all is well and only our speed has been affected.

We had a bolt get loose that attaches the boom to the mast. That bolt ended up getting bent and we don't have a spare. So, the main is down and flaked on the boom. It looks like at least one of the fuel tanks has something in it along with the fuel so we've had some challenges with our engine/generator, and most unfortunately our one and only spinnaker that looked like it had previously suffered multiple disasters split in half and is now an x-spinnaker.

So, here we are learning the ins and outs of a beautiful new boat and enjoying what has now been 7 days of beautiful downwind sailing.

Plus, as per above I think we've made history!!


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