One adventure ends, and a couple others begin


Morpheus has done right by us for yet another season here in the Med.  But, Rule #1 says “Keep Debbie Warm” and we are quickly running out of clothes that can make that happen here.  So, once again Morpheus has been prepared to be stored at EMV Marine in Badalona just a few miles North of Barcelona, Spain.  This is the same place that we left her last year and she was very well taken care of.  We are pleased to be leaving her with a very short “work list” and couldn’t be happier with the way she help up these past six months.





imageWhat’s next you ask??  Well, tomorrow I take everything that I need for the next 4-6 months and head down to Teneriffe in the Canary Islands to jump onboard our good friend Gibb Kane’s new Swan 66.  I am going to help sail her South to the Caribbean with another good friend Jim Callahan, Jim’s “significant other” Dani, and a few others.  (Unfortunately, Gibb injured his knee a few weeks ago and is recovering from surgery so he can’t join us.)  I’ve taken my SPOT tracker and made a few updates to the link on the front of our Blog so those of you that are interested can check in from time to time and follow our progress.

moonrise 002

And Debbie?  What about Debbie?  Well, she has absolutely no interest in sailing across the Atlantic.  Even in a wonderful yacht like the Swan 66 shown above.

So, as you can see here, she has been frantically learning to knit!  I kid you not. And, is almost done knitting herself a new scarf that will help to satisfy Rule #1!

Once I leave, she is off on a planes, trains, and automobile tour of at least three European countries by land.  She first heads North to visit with Fred and Janet Laffitte.  Fred and Janet are our doppelganger or “mirror image” friends that have boys our kids ages, sail their cruising boat all over the world, and race Etchells as well.  Great people that have a home in France and Deb is heading that way after waving goodbye to me at the airport.  Then she is off to see Chris and Caroline Longstaffe in England.  Chris and Caroline live just down the street from us, but like us rarely seem to be in their own house!  They will be in England to celebrate Caroline’s Moms birthday and the timing is working out perfectly for Deb to join the celebration.  Next, she will travel to Ireland to spend some time with Emily Comfort and her husband Bret.  (Emily can be seen in the picture above teaching Deb how to knit that scarf last week!!)

Once all that is finished, Deb will fly to Puerto Rico and we’ll sort of figure things out from there.

Lots of moving pieces.  It will be interesting to see how this all works out!

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