Ground Control to Major Tom…

Wow! Once again, I am blown away by how unique the experience of being at sea overnight can be.

We are on our way from Corsica to Majorca and last night was unreal. The seas were flat calm, as in “like a mirror”, the skies were very clear as we had just had three very windy days that left behind clear skies with zero clouds and millions and millions of stars. There was no moon until about 0300, so on my midnight watch it was as dark as dark can be.

I think I now know what it feels like or at least looks like to be in a spacecraft floating in space. There was a slight haze/mist just above the water last night, so no visible horizon. Just lots of blackness filled with stars. Stars in the sky, stars reflected off the surface of the water, stars in a very vivid Milky Way. Sitting in the cockpit looking around it just felt as though you were suspended in space, floating through a sea of stars. It has to have been very close to what astronauts see when they look out their windows in space. Very very cool. One to remember….

We are currently racing the sunset. If all works out, we will reach Mahon, Menorca this evening right about sundown. We hope to get in the harbor and put our anchor down for the night, before getting up early tomorrow and finishing our trip to Palma, Majorca.

Hope all is well.

-Jim and Deb

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