Rolex Swan Cup – Puerto Cervo, Sardinia

Things are getting busy around here!

The bi-annual Swan love fest has started in Puerto Cervo.  Over 100 Swan owners have entered this years event, and the everywhere you look around here is another Swan design.  Big Swans (100’), little Swans (42’), new Swans (60’), and old Swans (S&S designs).  Swans from more than 10 different countries, including four from the United States!

Several friends are sailing onboard various boats, and Gibb and Tory Kane arrive tomorrow morning to spend a week cruising with us. 

We are an awfully long way from home, but are lucky to continue to run into friends!

Yesterday, the wind all but disappeared, and our harbor for the night had this great little beach nestled in the corner of the bay and surrounded everywhere else by a rocky shore.  When we first arrived, we anchored off to the side in 30+ feet of water.  But, later when I took the paddleboard around the anchorage I found that a large empty area was 10-15 feet deep with nothing but a pure sandy bottom. 

I couldn’t resist…

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