For Torben & Judy


I just read your most recent blog post and agree.

After starting from the same dock in Richmond, CA. and then following virtually identical tracks through the Panama Canal, the Caribbean, and across the Atlantic Ocean.  We now find ourselves in very different places!  Scotland vs. the South of France!  In fact, I’m not sure that you could find two more different places.

You mentioned the pictures of boats that we have been posting lately.  There are some absolutely amazing yachts on display around here.  If you are interested in big beautiful yachts, this area is the best boat show that you will ever see.  Classics like the J-Boat Ranger, the largest composite sailboat in the world – a 167ft carbon fiber Wally named Better Place, and Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse the second largest private yacht in the world, etc. etc.


To me the REALLY amazing thing is just how many of these boats well over 100’ that exist.  They just keep showing up.  Last night just before sunset I counted 27 boats that I was sure were over 100’ in the anchorage.  There were probably a few more.  Every day is a new show…

For your viewing pleasure…

My favorite…

st tropez final final 035

Here is what it looked like this morning

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