For those of you following along, you know that our boat was hit in St. Tropez and we need some repairs.  In order to find a place for the repairs we contacted the Swan Service Yard in Barcelona where we spent the Winter, and they referred us to the Swan Service Yard in VilleFrance (very close to Nice.)
We arrived yesterday afternoon and this is a really nice small port.  Perhaps my favorite spot in France so far.  I was able to wander around a bit last night and the old town center is beautiful and built up a hill with narrow streets that seem to run in every direction.  Tons of restaurants, shops, bars, etc.
We leave today to drive back to Barcelona and pick up our new official resident cards.  With these our long term visa becomes official and our passports are updated to allow us to spend a year in Spain and the EU.  This visa process has been a long and expensive process, but well worth it if we can keep Deb from being pulled into the interrogation room by immigration officials again the next time we fly out of the EU!!
Some pictures below….
villefranche 1 027villefranche 1 031villefranche 1 032villefranche 1 033
VilleFranche 2 028VilleFranche 2 032VilleFranche 2 034VilleFranche 2 035VilleFranche 2 037VilleFranche 2 044

PS>  This is where we will be joined by Dr. Girard (Deb’s OBGYN), and his first night with us will be Bastille Day on the 14th.  That should be fun!!

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