A Very Windy Fourth of July

Thus far, France is certainly throwing some weather related challenges at us.  I can’t deny an occasional thought that perhaps we should return to Spain!

We woke up yesterday anchored off St. Tropez to a fairly strong breeze and very uncomfortable sea state.  The wind was funneling right down the bay and it was clearly time to go.

Frejus is the next major stop along the coast and it looked to be a bit protected.  We arrived, tied up and all was well.

Then came the wind.  Slowly but surely the wind built from 12 knots in the evening to 40+ knots by morning today on the 4th.  40 knots sustained!!  What is it with this country and wind? 

Frejus 003        image

And its not just the wind, they built this marina right next to the beach which I thought was perfect back when I planned to spend today kitesurfing.  So much for plans, now it appears that I will be spending the day cleaning sand from every nook and cranny of this boat!

frejus2 002frejus3 001frejus3 003frejus2 001

Also, this harbor like so many others seems to have been designed to funnel the wind driven swells right into the docking areas.  When I first arrived in the Med. I wondered why so many of the local boats have “springs” built into their dock lines.  I don’t remember ever seeing them in the States, but they are very common here and thank goodness I followed their lead and purchased a set.  Last night while at the dock I felt like I was at sea!!

frejus3 002

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