Trouble in Paradise

I actually liked St. Tropez much better when it looked like this…
gopro st. tropez 132
Unfortunately it now looks like this…
wind storm 133wind storm 134wind storm 135wind storm 136wind storm 137wind storm 138
Last night the winds came up at the dock to around 25 and of course some big old 55ft cruising boat decided he had to come in and tie up to the dock. I saw him back down the row from me and get into his assigned spot. Then a few minutes later — bang!! Something hit us!! (The wind was from dead ahead of us.)
It was the cruiser and he’s lying up against the four boats to my left and I guess he decided to stop going forward when he ran into my bow pulpit!! I have no idea how he got there but I wasn’t in the mood to ask a lot of questions. So, being that we were in spot #1, I had the option to peel off right and leave the dock. I took that option in about 30 seconds flat.
No idea how that situation ended, but the last I saw was it didn’t look good. We motored out into the bay here and dropped our anchor surrounded by multiple 100ft+ yachts and rode out the night in about 30-35. Now at 530am I’ve seen two gusts to 42!! The forecast is calling for 15-20!!!
So now we have our two guests onboard who had planned to leave at 830am via rental car for a drive to Munich.  No way to get them to shore, and this wind seems to not want to let up any time soon.  That should be interesting.
Also, I’d sort of like to get back to the marina myself.  I have a boat name, owners name, insurance company, etc. to get ahold of.  I suppose that info will be pretty easy to get from the marina or any of the other four boats that this guy decided to hit!!

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