Hurry up and Wait!

There has been quite a bit going on lately, and yet none of it seems to exciting.  But, for those that want to know here is what we’ve been up to lately.

Last week, Deb and I flew to Miami to pick up our Spanish Resident Visas.  These visas will allow us to stay in the EU for more than the 90 day limit that currently exists for visitors from the United States.

Miami 047

We were thrilled last month when notified that the visas hade been approved.  Thrilled that is until we read that in order to pick up the visa we needed to visit the Spanish Consulate in Miami!  We were in Spain, but needed to fly “home” to pick up the visa before returning.  Ugh.





The best part about this trip “home” was that our son Patrick was returning from his adventure in South America.  With just a bit of planning we were able to coordinate our time in Miami with his return.  What a great bonus to have been able to spend Father’s Day with one of my two sons!!

After just three days in Miami, we got back on the plane and returned to Barcelona.  Our bags were full of supplies from West Marine and US grocery stores.  It was as thought we had gone home to go shopping!!

Before we left for Miami we had returned to EMV Marine, the yard that stored the boat over the winter.  We are very impressed with EMV Marine, and we left them a list of things to work on while we were gone with the hope that most would be finished when we returned.  Not very likely!!

Our list included;

  • Resolving some engine vibration that we were dealing with.  (Monday Target)
  • Installing a new three blade propeller.  (done)
    Miami 059Miami 063Miami 064
  • Repairing the hydraulic panel (today?)
  • Refinishing the carbon fiber binnacle (Monday?)
  • Completing the installation of the heater. (done)

Of course, when we returned, none of this work had been completed.  And so, we sit here once again “stuck” in Barcelona waiting for our departure date which now appears to be next Tuesday.

Thinks could be a lot worse.  We are not complaining!!


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