Circumnavigating Menorca

After two weeks, we’ve almost made it all the way around Menorca.  Those that told us that we’d like this island more than Ibiza and Majorca are correct!!   This island is far less crowded than the other two neighboring islands.  Tourism has not overwhelmed the island, and the national parks that have been established suggest that will not happen any time soon.

What next?

We are in somewhat of a holding pattern right now.  Initially, we had planned to head to France about now.  But…things change.  Our long term Spanish Residence Visas have been approved.  Once we get that stamp in our passports we will be able to stay in the EU for up to two years without a problem.  The alternative was 90 days out of 180.  There is just one catch.  We need to visit the Spanish Consulate in Miami in order to get our passports updated!!!

So, we will return to Barcelona in a few days, and fly to Miami on the 13th of June.  We’ll grab our visas and then return to the boat on the 16th.

The one positive to come out of the need to fly “home” for a few days, is that we have coordinated with our son Patrick to meet up with him for a few days in Florida as he returns from his 3.5 month adventure in South America.  For those that are interested, check out his blog .  His photos alone are worth a look.

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