Looking forward to tonight at the Royal Club Nautico Barcelona

Almost exactly four years ago, I spent a week racing with a team of sailors from the Royal Club Nautico Barcelona

We were competing in the first NYYC Invitational Cup Regatta.  The New York Yacht Club invited teams from Yacht Clubs around the world to come to Newport, RI. and race on the new NYYC One Design Class, the Swan 42.  (Coincidentally, the NYYC is hosting the third Invitational Cup this week!)

I sailed as the owners representitive onboard the boat chartered to the RCNB team.  It was a bit risky as I’d never met any of the team members, and in a situation like that it usually turns out ok, or very badly.

In this case, it was great!!  The team members were all friends and had sailed with and against each other for years.  They welcomed me as a member of the team and put me to work trimming main which is my regular job when sailing with Gibb Kane onboard his Swan 42.

We didn’t win the regatta, and in fact finished somewhat below mid fleet, but I enjoyed this regatta more than most.  The guys from RCNB were a happy positive group and I don’t think I heard a complaint the entire week.  NYYC won the regatta and several other teams finished in front of us, but very few enjoyed the event more than our boat.

Tonight, I am meeting most of the team members at the Royal Club Nautico Barcelona.  I’m really looking forward to seeing this group again, and am pretty sure that this will be one of those nights to remember!!


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