Atlantic Crossing – Ch #3 – The Azores

Many people told us that the Azores are more than a stopping point on the way to Europe.  And, they were absolutely correct!!

We enjoyed our short stays on both Horta and San Miquel.  If we all had more time, we would have happily stayed in the Azores for another couple of weeks.  But, we didn’t have that time and there was a passage across the Atlantic Ocean for the four of us to complete.

The video below provides a taste of what we experienced. 

Our initial arrival came with a bit of “land sickness” as the earth felt as though it was moving under our feet.  14 days at sea gets your inner ears used to constant movement.  It’s an interesting thing to experience.

One very interesting place that we discovered was Peter’s Cafe Sport.  Peters is a very salty sailors restaurant/bar located on the main road through town just across from the marina.  It is the place to go for sailors visiting Horta.  Whether you just need a beer, or have a more important issue like boat repairs the people working and visiting here know how to help you fix your problems. 

You can read about this family owned business and its long time association with sailors and its history here.  (Look for the british flag in the upper right hand part of the screen if you need a translation.)



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