Morpheus – Trans Atlantic – Catch Up

Atlantic Crossing – Done!

Almost five weeks have past, since we first arrived in Europe.  They have been five busy weeks, but that’s no excuse for having not put together an overall summary of the journey.

Most importantly, by now I should have written a very public thank you to my fantastic crew of volunteers (Mike Wallach, Kim Comfort, and Bob Branstad), and our guardian angel weather router Gibb Kane.

Well, the good news is that I am finally working on getting that massive post written and published.  The bad news is that I’m not there yet.

It turns out that its very difficult to summarize a month long adventure in a few paragraphs.  So, I am falling back to a large degree on pictures and video.  Even then, it is difficult to put things together.

So, to prove progress, here is chapter #1 of a four or five part video series documenting our successful crossing of the Atlantic Ocean.  Hopefully, the next chapters will follow quickly and all will be good!!

For a bit more detail on our daily activities, please visit the following blog posts by crewmember Mike Wallach…



As always, thanks to Mike, Bob, and Kim for sailing with me and getting the job done safely while enjoying the process.  It was a far better trip than we had a right to hope for!



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