Goodbye Portugal

We've left Villamoura and are now bound for Seville, Spain!!

After loving everything that we saw in Portugal, Villamoura was a bit of a disappointment. The closest thing to compare it to would be Cabo. Perhaps a bit more family friendly, but still Cabo like. The marina is large, expensive, and surrounded by shops, restaurants, and bars. The beach is a short walk away and lined with high rise hotels that charge you $$ to sit in their chairs on the beach, and then more if you choose to purchase some of their expensive drinks/food. The area inland from the marina is surrounded by four large golf courses, and Villamoura is clearly a destination for guys golf weekends!

Bottom line: We don't need to return!!

This trip to Seville should be very interesting. Its 80 miles from here to the entrance of the Guadalquivir River. We plan to arrive at about 5am in order to catch the incoming tide and ride it 50 miles upriver to the Club Nautico de Seville where the boat will live for the next three to four weeks. Our route and the river is worth a look via Google Maps if you have the chance. We will need to deal with one lock, and a lifting bridge just prior to the YC that opens only at 10pm.

Its going to be a long night/day!!



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