On our arrival in Cascais Deb and Ita greeted us at the dock.

Official Greeter to Cascais

Once Morpheus was secure in her slip, it was time to explore our arrival port and celebrate.

Here, in no particular order, a selection of pics from our daily excursions to Cascais. With an emphasis on – you know – food and drink.

First – a  regular stop – Oneill’s Irish Pub:

 Cascais graffiti is quite artistic:

 There is always another cafe to try…

… and interesting things to see.

Or another cafe to try:

Local amused by dog in purse.

Our big dinner at Furnas do Guincho:

House specialty appeared to be the salt baked fish. 

We picked the big red mullet for the treatment.

Started with something I’ve neve had before – barnacles.
We needed instruction on how to eat them.

Deb could not decide between the garlic cream mussels, tomoto onion mussels or Mussels Rockefeller. So… we got all three.

The salt roasted fish was quite a production.

Pricey but very good. Jim Gregory 

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