4/26 – 1200 – Smooth Sailing Continues

After spending most of yesterday afternoon in squally, cloudy conditions with winds of aprox 18-20 knots, I was pleased to come on deck last night at 3am to find the winds had dropped to 13-15 with clear skies and a world lit up by a full moon!!

Beautiful!! However, once again I was disappointed to realize that what I was seeing could not be captured via a camera to share.

Today is more of the same. Sunny blue skies with a few clouds floating by. Winds under 15. We continue to work our way NNE towards what is predicted to be a large area of very light winds that will last for a few days. It appears that we will take advantage of our 150 gallons of fuel a bit early in the trip. This makes me a bit nervous as I don't want to lose the option of using the engine, but it makes Mike really happy as he equates engine time in light airs as fishing time!!

To those of you checking in. Thanks, but don't spend any time worrying about us today. It's pretty much perfect out here!


PS> We have had some fairly large swells moving into our area over the past few hours. I assume these are the product of a very large low pressure system to our NE near the Azores. Lots of wind up there, but the system will be gone lone before we get close.


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