Our time in the Caribbean is about to expire!

Sad to say, but following a month long string of guests and more fun than you really should ever have, we are getting ready to say goodbye to the Caribbean and begin our journey to Europe and the Mediterranean.

I have some pretty mixed emotions about all this.  While I’m excited to get back on the Ocean, I have really enjoyed our time here in the Caribbean.  Europe and the Med. represent a great unknown, and while we have heard great things about the cruising in that area, I will be leaving a place that I know I could explore happily for many more seasons.  Debbie on the other hand,  says she has had her fill of the Caribbean and is looking forward to a bit more civilization.

We shall see…

The current plan is to spend the next two weeks getting the boat absolutely ready, while hopefully carving out some time to see and do some of our favorite things here.  Bob Branstad arrives on Thursday.  We will give him a very quick tour of the BVI’s before heading off to St. Martin.

In St. Martin, we’ll haul the boat for a day or two to do a couple of quick repairs (keel trailing edge bitten by mooring line.)  Mike Wallach and Kim Comfort arrive on the 20th.  We’ll put the boat at a dock, and rent a condo for the last two days prior to departure.  The boat will get a top to bottom cleaning, and Debbie will be cooking up a storm in the rented condo’s kitchen.

Once the food and supplies are onboard, weather permitting we will sail for the Azores!!

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