Lots and lots of visitors!!

Yesterday, we were sorry to see Johnny and Elizabeth Ryan leave after a
short but fun visit. We spent most of their time with us exploring the
harbors and beaches of St. Barths, before a very nice sail to St. Martin.

Johnny has sailed many miles on Morpheus, but for Elizabeth this was only
the second time she’d spent any time on the boat, and really the second time
she had spent any time on ANY boat!! Good for her to be willing to try
something new and probably a long long way from her comfort zone.

We had a great time with both of them and hope that they will return for
another visit in the future.

Now, after some quick shopping and fueling we are ready to head back to
Virgin Gorda. Its an 80nm sail and todays winds are light. 10 knots if we
are lucky. Hopefully, sailing will be an option, otherwise the batteries
and water tanks will be happy!!

We have a week on our own, before the Hawkin’s and Tye’s show up next
weekend. They are with us for about a week, and then the day after they
leave my Brother Bob and his family join us!!!

The next few weeks should be fun!!!


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