Ah…memories of my Bermuda Race work list

At least i had two weeks to get it done!!!
Before Bermuda
Attend safety at sea
Get cpr certified
Re seal bolt over seat bench
Crew gear
Tighten rig
Remove radar pole
Remove AP ram
Cut solar cables?
Run satphone antennae
Check backstay
Clean and paint windlass
Polish halyard shackles
Tape head stay junctions
Clean teak
Reaching strut
Spin gear
Switch halyards
Bump reef lines
Check main halyard pin size
Pack things to ship
Service vang
Bolts in stanchions
Name on life jackets
beckson marine
Deviation card
Load racing sails
Load food
Double check all lifejackets
Lash hatch board
Offload cruising anchor and chain
Get 2nd fortress onboard
Get proper anchor rode and chains onboard
Assemble anchor
Block covers
Change Watermaker filter
20 gallons of fuel
40 gallons of water
Develop daily schedule with Gibb
Remove a gas bottle
Install lashing on storm jib
Get 2.4 gallons of emergency water
Deck plate for radar pole

Jim Gregory 

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