We meet up with fellow RYC Members – Torben and Judy Bentsen!!

Tivoli Moored in Christmas Cove

 In mid December, Deb and I shifted back into sailing mode, and headed out for the 100 mile overnight from St. Martin to the Virgin Islands.  Our mission was to track down Torben and Judy Bentsen from the Richmond Yacht Club.

Torben and Judy left RYC on their boat “Tivoli” about three months before us.  While we have been able to keep in touch via email and blogs, we have only managed to cross paths once before in Magdellena Bay, Mexico.   http://morpheus-sailing.blogspot.com/2010/11/debs-update.html

Morpheus Anchored in Christmas Cove

We had a great (translated easy light air) sail to the Virgin Islands and arrived off of Virgin Gorda just after Sunrise.  Perfect!  We took our time sailing down through the BVI’s heading for Christmas Cove where the plan was to meet up with Torben and Judy.  With only a few miles to go, we noticed a race going on that looked to have about 12 boats slowly working their way downwind. 

Suddenly, the crew on one of the boats that looked sort of familiar jumped up and started waving our way.  That’s right, Torben and Judy had decided to “race the house”!!

Pre-Christmas Warm Up onboard Tivoli!

We all got together that night and the following one to catch up, share stories, and drink and eat early Christmas treats.

It was great to see Torben and Judy again.  And, we’ll have plenty of chances to meet up again over the next month or so.  We all are hoping to see each other at the New Years Party at Foxy’s.  (standby for pictures!)

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