Twice in one day….

Deb Here…

Who woulda thunk?

This morning, anchored way out in Simpson Bay, St Martin, having coffee, we suddenly hear a police alarm right outside our boat. WTF?

We are being boarded for a safety inspection. Ok…. We welcome the Dutch St. Martin Coast Guard aboard, (“Would you like coffee, sirs?”). Vicious Ita goes in her box. They ask lots of questions about where we've been, where we're going, weather we have safety gear, but don't go below. 5 minutes and we are done. No hassles.

Jim and I then have a nice sail over to Statia, which is 1/2 way between St Martin and Nevis. Drop anchor at sunset, cocktails, relax…

Full dark, about ready to go below and make dinner, when Jim and I both spot a very dark boat operating darkly in the dark… No running lights and it starts coming directly towards us like a shark…. Hmmmm…

Spot light on us. It's a Caribbean Narcotics Boat. Ita goes back in the box. They come aboard, this time wearing guns, and start pulling up floor boards, looking in bags, etc. Wow, Full on Search! After a few minutes, Jim shows them our track on the computer, and they figure out we are not the boat they are looking for. Their skipper calls them out of our bilges, they say thanks very much, and they leave.

If we get boarded tomorrow, I'm going to really suspect there's a bad guy out there who looks like us….


Update from Jim: I've never been boarded by Coast Guard or any other official before yesterday. (Well, there was that one time on my Dad's boat, but let's ignore that!) Twice in one day?? What are the odds??

My favorite exchange of the day…

CG Officer: Do you have anything that you want to declare??

Jim: Excuse me??

CG Officer: Guns??

Jim: No.

CG Officer: Large amounts of money??

Jim: No

CG Officer: Drugs??

Jim (looking confused): If I declare them are they legal??

I made them laugh….


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  1. Thanks for the “heads up” Time to pull up Anchor and move on…

    The Guy in the other Blue 50 Footer with a black mast and a couple kilo of white powder… 🙂


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