Morpheus – Half way St. Martin – Dead Starter – Seeking Advice??

Hi everyone,

Below are the two best suggestions that I received when looking for help getting our engine started a few days ago.

How is it that the French are so much more clever than the rest of us???


Emmanuel Renoir

Any way to wrap a rope on the front crank pulley and use blocks to the boom? Main tight, puff of wind, release main to pull on rope and crank engine. Could use crew to pull on rope too! Or push on boom.

Good luck!

Frederic Laffitte

1/ You need to rig a system of ropes around the flywheel of the engine if it

is accessible on your boat,like a winch, making sure that the rope is

wrapped the correct way or your engine can start in reverse and destroy


2/ With a system of pulleys you need a line that goes up to the spreaders or

higher with a 4 to 1 ratio and attach a jerry jug to this block and tackle


3/ The jerry jug must have a way to be released at a distance so its weight

will pull on the block and tackle when you hit the release.

4/The block and tackle will pull on the line wrapped around the flywheel and

starts the engine….

It sounds crazy but it works well, a French round the world guy did it every

day for 2 months to charge is batteries.


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1 Comment

  1. In my defense I never suggested any of those ideas because if things went wrong the potential for damage was far worse than the need for speed or cold beer.

    Forget about loss of life, there was real potential with any of those solutions to scratch paint or more drastic the wood. And we know how Jim is about the wood.

    I was going to suggest bump starting the engine which we have actually done on the tugs, but that requires speed and youhad little of that at the time.

    As Frederic mentioned there is also the possibility of starting the engine in reverse. Google the efeects of that it is not good.

    Your Brother


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