Rum Emergency – Hopefully averted….

Greetings from Morpheus. We are once again underway and heading South!

Adios to Bermuda and her tropical storms. I've had enough of that for awhile.

Mark Adams and Jim Carrick (fellow Richmond Yacht Club Members!) arrived on Sat. afternoon, and the four of us moved from Hamilton around to ST. Georges yesterday. Gibb Kane joined us yesterday afternoon and we finalized the boat and had her ready for sea prior to dinner.

Here's the Rum Emergency part. I suppose we may have had one too many last night with dinner?? But…in any case, when we checked out of customs we forgot to mention my case of duty free Goslings that was sitting behind the counter for pickup!!!! Argh. We were two hours out this morning before I remembered. For a few moments I actually considered turning around, but those thoughts were quickly disposed of. Instead, we have called the local harbor master and asked very nicely if she could not perhaps arrange with the next boat heading South to make a delivery for us??? I'm hoping a bottle or two might make this deal work???

Anyway, we hoisted the mainsail at about 8am in absolute calm and have spend the bulk of the day sailing slowly upwind in 8 knots of breeze. The forecast has us sailing upwind at least 70% of the way. And, it also has the winds primarily in the 10-15 knot range. Guess we will take the good with the bad!!

Will keep the updates coming, but don't expect any true excitement along the way. Sounds like a perfect trip to me.



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