Hurricane Advice/Feedback

Background:  In 2003 on the way home from New Zealand, Morpheus was in Hawaii when a large hurricane was heading directly for the islands.  Our friend, Mike Wallach, was aboard and he and I spent the night on the boat while Deb and the kids slept in a rented Ford Explorer!

Less than 100 miles from the islands, this hurricane decided to take a left hand turn and we never saw winds over 30 knots.  Mike and I sat on the boat watching movies all night, while Deb and the kids “enjoyed” their night in the car.

For whatever reason, we decided that we were “protected” by having Deb’s brother Dan’s foul weather gear onboard.  (He had forgotten it after helping us sail the NZ to Tahiti leg of our trip.)

Since that time, I have complained to Dan that he took his gear back and left us unprotected.

Here is Mike’s take on that situation….

I notice from your latest post that the hurricane turned away.  

As I suspected. 

I tried to explain this to you last year – We have been misreading the significance of Dan’s Foulies. They are only a good luck charms after the winds start. Normally they function as a Hurricane magnet and pulls the storms to the Morpheus.  If they are on board – I suggest you leave them as decoy on the other side of the island.  – mw

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