48 hours in Bangkok

So far, Bangkok has been basically the polar opposite of Japan. The roads are chaotic and unorganized, filled with motorbikes and three wheeled taxis called Tuk-tuk's that seem to think the road lanes are more of a suggestion then a rule. But more then anything, it's cheap! My room on the main strip of khao San road is 180 baht a night ($6), to put this in perspective it was 400 yen ($5) to rent a train station luggage storage locker for four hours. Road side carts in Thailand sell meals for 40 baht (~$1), in Japan it was at least 8 or nine dollars for lunch and more for dinner.

But anyways, I'm heading down to Sumatra, Indonesia tomorrow. Sumatra is one of only two places left in the world where you can still find wild orangutans. So the plan is to join up with a guide and go trekking through the jungle for a couple of days and then head up to Palau Weh, an island off the northern tip of Sumatra, for some world class scuba diving. I got new batteries for SPOT so it should be working again


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