Bermuda to Newport – June 24th – 10:30am

Lots of rest and recovery going on here on board Morpheus. Conditions are very light and we are motoring with aprox. 100 miles completed of the 630nm trip. Seems like a good time to make a list of our post race activities on Bermuda before we forget!

June 18th

– Finish (in daylight!)

– Party onboard & arrival at RBYC

– Dinner & Drinks at Flanagans Pub

– Sleep

June 19th

– Full day of boat cleanup and transformation into a Cruising Boat.

– Dinner at local Pub with Gibb, Pete McCormick, Casey Fitzgerald, and Chris Smith

– Drinks at the Swizzle Inn

– Sleep

June 20th

– Failed attempts to rent Mopeds

– Cab ride to The Reef Hotel

– Afternoon on the beach with drinks delivered every 30 minutes

– Quick visit to Doug Jorgensen's cocktail party

– Crew dinner in St. Georges

– Close the White Horse Tavern in St. Georges

– Sleep

June 21st

– Hang out at YC and on boat for the day. Visit with many friends!

– Sleep

June 22nd

– Prep for departure

– More friends visiting

– Lunch back at Flanagans

– More prep

– Goslings Party! “Free” food, drinks, 3 bands, and a DJ that went until 3am…

– Sleep

June 23rd

– Final supply runs and boat prep

– Weather checks

– Customs Clearance

– FILL fuel tanks and extra jugs.

– Departure @ 4pm EST


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