Goodbye Bermuda. We hope to see you again real soon!!

Ok, here we go on our practice run between Bermuda and Newport. We've checked all of our weather websites, downloaded our wind and current grib files and are off!

Our friend from California and the Richmond Yacht Club, Scott Gordon, showed up this afternoon at about 3pm, and three hours later we were sailing out of St. Georges harbor bound for Newport, RI. Not much time for Scott to enjoy Newport, but the weather window that we have works much better leaving now than waiting for Tuesday AM. It looks like late Wed/early Thursday will bring us some wind in the 25+ knot range and a cold front with lots of rain and perhaps some of that thunder and lightning that I hate so much. If we left in the morning we would still be in the Gulf Stream, and that's a variable that I'd really prefer to avoid.

So…here we are close reaching/beating in 12-16 knots, with the biggest moon you'll ever see, and for now, some perfectly clear weather.

Sounds good to me! Newport here we come. See you Friday morning!



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