St. Barths: Gay Paree??

I knew there was something different about that Cruise Ship!

From Latitude 38….

“As if to add to the buzz around St. Barth, yesterday the Celebrity Summit cruise ship, hosting a gay cruise, pulled into port. She’s been in the news because while tied up at the dock in Dominica, two of her Palm Spring-based passengers apparently had sex on deck in site of people on shore. Religion is big on some Caribbean islands, and some islands prohibit sex between members of the same sex. So the two were arrested for “buggery.” The Chief Magistrate called the two “rogues and vagabonds.” Their attorney explained the two had merely been “struck by the beautiful mountain, the clean and clear fresh air, and having had a few cocktails, threw caution to the wind.” After throwing $900 to the government of Dominica, the two were allowed to fly home.”

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