St Barts (St. Barths) Bucket Regatta

Our neighbors in the anchorage!


That’s about all I have time to say about this event right now.  Deb and I arrived yesterday.  The collection of HUGE boats gathering here is exceeding my significant expectations.  Absolutely un believable.  Without a doubt the most conspicuous display of ridiculous wealth/play money that I have every seen.

It makes Morpheus look like an El Toro!

St. Barths Bucket Regatta Website

Check out the website if you are interested.  Boats of both the old and new variety are here.  I think this is the biggest J Boat regatta since the days they raced for the America’s Cup!

I am sailing on a Swan 100.  The small boat in this regatta!

Gotta run.  More later.  Need to go meet Deb at Le Select for one of the cheapest beers in town.  It may be the only place we can afford to visit around here for a while!


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