Why are these people smiling?

We need to offer a special thank you to Kevin and meg for their time and assistance getting morpheus from Bermuda to st Martin

They flew in to Bermuda two weeks ago thinking an immediate departure was the plan. 
But….the weather had other ideas, and they end up riding out multiple storms in Bermuda for a week before we finally headed south. 
They then got to “enjoy” a 5 day, uncomfortable passage, before finally reaching our destination in st Martin. 
I don’t think they will stand in line to do it again, but they were great to have onboard, an we would have them back anytime!
THANK YOU Kevin and Meg!!!!

Jim Gregory 


  1. What's life without adventure?
    Thank you for keeping all of you safe with your keen sailing skills and sound decisions.
    Pat (the mom:-)


  2. Thank you Jim and Deb for a great And unique experience! We got safely to the French side of st Martin and have been enjoying the sun and single pump flushing, a king size bed that doesn't rock is nice too ( though it still sort of feels like it does!!). Much more to say but for now it's back to the pool and the bar!

    Kevin and Meg


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