I should have stayed in Newport!

What did I do to piss the wind gods off??  Does anyone know the correct offering to reduce the winds??  Do virgin sacrifices work both ways?  I need my brother to get this right!
Tropical Storm Sean forecast to become Hurricane Sean as it passes Bermuda at 0300 tomorrow morning!
We are anchored close to shore in the lee. Storm anchor deployed. Should be fine will let you know tomorrow am

Jim Gregory 


  1. Jim – In my research the sexual activity of the sacrifice is not important. It appears it is going to take a lamb or a goat to accomplish this task.
    Brother Bob


  2. Jim,
    I tried to explain this to you before, but you apparently ignoored me. Let's go over this again.

    I understand that you consider (with good reason) Dan's foulies to be a good luck charm as it has seemingly protected Morpheus through several hurricanes and hig wind situations. But you are missing the real issue:


    I can't do any more for you but point out the obvious.


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