Red is BAD! Bermuda is just fine!!

It’s about to get REALLY windy around here!!

We are not quite sure what it is that we have done to annoy the wind gods.  But, whatever it was, it was a serious mistake!!

Our crew for the passage to St. Martin showed up on schedule yesterday, and we just barely completed all of our repairs by the late afternoon.  Everything was in place for a departure and a race to stay ahead of a massive weather system that was moving in from the North.

Unfortunately, there were a few questions in the minds of the weather forecasters, and we still had a few remaining bad memories of our last experience in 30-40 knots.  Ultimately, we pulled the plug and decided not to leave.

I’m pretty sure that it was the right call.  If the forecast changed we’d be hit with the area of strong winds to our North, and it really would be a race against time to stay ahead in the first place.

Tough decision as folks had purchased airplane tickets to do this with us, and the earliest we can imagine good weather to leave in is Wed.  Gibb arrived yesterday at 3pm and headed home at 3pm today!!  Our friends from Newport (Kevin and Meg) are sticking with us.

We will see how things end up.  For now, we are preparing for a night where the forecast has us sitting in 40 knots winds here in the harbor on the anchor. 

Fun times…


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