Rule #1: Keep Debbie Warm!

With temperatures in the low 60’s and threatening to go lower, it is time to get serious about getting out of dodge!

Our plan is to leave for Bermuda on or about Oct. 23rd, and then sail from Bermuda on to the Caribbean leaving Bermuda on the 6th of November.

Lots of people ask, why not just harbor hop your way South along the Atlantic Coast and then leave for the Caribbean from Miami?

Well, that seemed like a great idea to me right up until a couple of months ago when I started talking to folks that have done the trip before.  There are two very good reasons that the Bermuda route is a “no brainer”.

  1. Check out the map above.  When you head South along the Atlantic Coast you are also putting in some significant miles to the West.  If you take this route it basically a 3,000 mile trip by the time you reach St. Martin.  If, on the otherhand, you take the Bermuda route the trip is 1700 miles.  Over a thousand miles shorter!
  2. The Caribbean trade winds blow from the East.  So, if you make the trip to Miami and put in all those miles to the West, you then need to regain your Easterly position by sailing 1,000 miles upwind into the Trades.  No thanks!!

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