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  1. Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday to you!
    Happy birthday dear Deeee-bbiiieeee!
    Happy birthday tooooo

    Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska our friends. We have been settling in here and got the sweetest packages from yall down south. Thank you so much for the flower of joy to brighten up our home and the perfect conch shell from Roatan! It has been a highlight of friends coming over to listen to the ocean in. I have a large box of sand…. some from NC and some from Roatan… that I sit on the deck and put my feet in. Ok, I usually am in my jacket too, but at least my feet are in the sand. The shell sits right beside me and is so perfect to add to my vision of tropical wonderfulness. Thank you so much for cleaning it out and sending it our way. We are very grateful.

    I am 38 weeks pregnant on Friday and little baby Mason could come any day now. I'll send some pictures along for you to see him! I still need to send the ones of us from Honduras too. Life has been a bit crazy as you can imagine.

    We had such a blast on our honeymoon in Honduras and you two were such a special part of it for us. You rock! I have no doubt that our paths will cross again in the coming years. Maybe one day we can meet up at Foxy's for a Painkiller. =) I'll count on it.

    Safe seas, fair winds and blessings in your travels. I'll check back and see where you are from time to time, dreaming of life on the water. And if you two should ever want to travel to the snow, come on up to Alaska. We have plenty of room for guests and you are welcome anytime! You never know where life may take you!

    Much love to you both.
    Thank you again so much for the flower, the shell and your friendship.

    Sarah jane, Mason and baby to be makes 3!

    (PS… I am officially due on June 30th!)

    Email: musicwithsarahjane@gmail.com


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