A "Wind Event"

Sometimes I exaggerate. Not often. Sometimes I see things that I think are
significant, but others don’t seem to think so. Well, I experienced a
Tornado in West Palm Beach, while everyone else had a “Wind Event”. I’m
from California, but doesn’t wind swirling around in a circular motion count
as a tornado? No one ever believes me when I see tornadoes…
Last week, I was enjoying lunch at this nice little street café when one of
the waiters pointed out that the front expected for about 2PM was moving in
right on schedule. I look up, and there was a big black line of clouds
coming. So I paid my bill and walked down the street to do some shopping.
Wam! The wind kicks in, dirt and sand start swirling around so bad I had to
put my sunglasses on to see. I look over my shoulder, and about 100 yards
away, over a decorative pond and fountain thingy, is a swirling mass of
water and dirt, coming my way. I call that a tornado… So, I start to run
across an alley for the hotel that is about 50 feet away. And then I get
that sinking feeling, “Aaa Darn!” Out of the corner of my eye, I see this
elderly lady hanging onto a pipe staircase banister, with her cane in one
hand, shopping bags in the other, being buffeted back and forth by the wind.
No ducking under cover for me. I change course, run and grab her, when her
son in a SUV pulls up. Yeah! So I open the door, put her in the car, then
bolt up the stairs into a doorway alcove and watch the “Wind Event” go by.
I’m watching as palm fronds and coconuts are being torn off the trees and
landing on the cars that are parked by the valets… lots of Mercedes,
Jaguars, etc. all with their car alarms going off after being pelted by
coconuts. Then, a big trash dumpster on wheels starts rolling at the far
end of the alley, picks up speed, and crashes right into the rear of the
elderly ladies’ SUV, which then takes off to avoid being rammed again by the dumpster. It then starts to pour rain, and the wind calms down a bit.
After a few minutes of hyperventilating and calls to my brothers and sisters
who know about Tornadoes, I went on to finish my shopping. No one else in
West Palm Beach thought it was a tornado. It was just “really windy.”
Ahh, well, I guess I just exaggerate…

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