Palm Beach to Fernandina Beach

Well, once again if left to her devices, Morpheus would be arriving at a new port in the middle of the night. Deb and I have spent the late afternoon and evening today doing what we can to slow down in order to have daylight when we arrive. Even so, it looks like we’ll need to stall by sailing a few extra miles.
Not much to report. Winds around 10 knots from the SE all day with very flat seas. So, lot’s of small projects and reading onboard. Just finished reading Jonathan Livingston Seagull for the 1st time. Great book. How did I get this far without reading it??
All’s well.
-Jim and Deb
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  1. Ok so I have only read a few books in my life, but I even read that one! I remember being a young teenager after reading it, walking along the cliffs in La Jolls overlooking the ocean watching the gulls fly over the cliffs. Good times man…..

    Have you read Animal Farm?


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