Mast still up. Heading for Havana – slowly

It's 830pm and the rig is still up. Its been an interesting day. The forecast was for SE breeze around 10 knots, and we had that long enough to think we were home free and to set up a jury rig repair via a combination of Gibb and Scott Easom's suggestions. (thanks to both of those guys for their help and suggestions!!!)


The wind decided to throw us a curve ball and build to 20+ out of the NE!! So much for the “lee” of Cuba. Instead Cuba became a lee shore. Not so good. 20 knots against us while riding a 2 knot current in the direction of our travels made for a miserably bumpy ride. We throttled way back to only 2.5 knots through the water and tried to minimise the banking through waves, but if you go too slow then you start wallowing back and forth side to side and the mast doesn't like that either.

Not good, but conditions seem to be moderating a bit with sunset. We will hope so anyway and hopefully have a good report for you in the morning.


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  1. From Lonely Planet guide
    La Habana Vieja – the best-preserved colonial Spanish complex in the Americas – is a joy to walk round. True, much of it has been sanitised , but stray into the backstreets from the revamped roads and you’ll be mesmerised by the sultry Caribbean charm of Havana once more.

    Make sure you tick all of these boxes!

    Capitolio Nacional, former seat of the Cuban government and one of the highlights of Havana’s rich architectural heritage.

    Eat ice cream at the famous Coppelia Ice Cream parlour for the true Habanero experience, then stroll on the Malecon.

    Drink plenty of delicious mojitos and Cuba Libre cocktails at the fabulous neoclassical Inglaterra Hotel in Parque Central.

    Do not forget that there’s more to Havana than the old town – explore the further-flung parts and don’t miss the Playas del Este.

    I'm sure we can count on you to drink some mojitos for us! Leslie


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