New Friends & Did they really ask that???

Meeting lots of new and interesting people along the way is a great thing about trips like this.  If you are hanging out along the water, there is a good chance that you already share a few things in common with folks you run into while shopping, dining, or sitting at a waterside bar.

Tonight we ran into a young twenty something guy that told us he was 2 to 4 months away from following his dream and setting off on a multi year sailing trip.  Never mind that he’d not yet purchased his boat, or done much offshore sailing.  His plan was to island hop through the Caribbean for a year and learn by doing.

He was so excited by the prospect of this trip and interested in ours that I have no doubt that he will make it happen.  He was also super motivated to make this happen due to severe weariness with his current job running a beachside activity center and dealing with folks off the cruise ships every day.

We asked him what that was like and whether or not he got tired of the same questions day after day.  His eyes lit up and he said that was exactly what he was sick of and then told us his two favorite all time questions….

  1. He was once asked if divers could swim UNDER the island from one side to the other.
  2.  And, his all time favorite was one day in a dive boat crossing a shallow area with the propeller kicking up sand from the bottom.  The boat was moving fast and left a straight line of sandy water behind it. Looking aft, one of the young ladies onboard asked him (seriously) if that sandy line was the equator!!!

Nice guy, we hope he makes the trip!!

-Jim and Deb

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