Ita’s in boat jail in the Caymen’s

Hello All: My turn to do a blog entry, so here we go. I have my Coffee (Thank You Bob & Lynn B. for the Pete’s resupply) and since it’s 6am, I can get to the computer, especially since Jim was up way past 2am catching up on 3 weeks of not having any internet.)

Well, we did in fact make it to the Cayman Islands, safe and sound, after a very easy, yet 45 degree angle 4 day sail. The wind was an average of 15 knots, the main was double reefed, and we just cruised up wind at 7 – 8 knots the whole way. Living at a 45 degree angle for days on end isn’t the most fun, but we were dry and safe. Thanks be that Uncle Bob was with us, or the weather gods would have sent us nasty weather instead. We ran an experiment on the way. We turned off the Otto auto pilot, locked the wheel, and let the boat drive herself. She swayed a bit with the waves, but after 10 min, we were steering exactly what we had been before. Thank You Carl and Davie!

So we got onto Georgetown Harbor at 4 am, put down an anchor in a deserted anchorage and went to sleep. Imagine our surprise when we woke up at 8am to a packed anchorage with 5 cruise ships and all their little boats ferrying people to the island. We radioed Customs, and they took us right into the dock to clear us through. Our only hitch is that any dog who comes from or passes through Mexico, Central America, or a bunch of other countries, is not allowed on the Cayman Islands. So Ita has to stay on the boat. If they catch her off the boat, she will be put down. Despite her being very pissed about not being taken to land, she has been staying in her kennel on the boat while we tour.

Uncle Bob goes home Sunday, so we have been very busy getting all the touristy things done as quickly as possible, as well as the laundry (yeah!) and provisioning! Today our plan is snorkeling in the crystal clear water, eating and enjoying the local brews. I wish our pool had water this clear!

That’s all for now. Roatan next in a week-ish.
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