Heading North!!

Well, we've finally left the San Blas Islands behind. Sort of sad to do it, as I have a hard time thinking that there is anything in front of us that will be as nice as those islands. They are just exactly what you picture when you dream of heading off to tropical islands covered in palm trees and surrounded by warm crystal clear water. Perfect!!

Anyway, we seem to have an excellent weather window. This has always been the leg we feared would be most difficult. Not only do we have my brother along to help, but the forecast we have calls for close reaching in 12-16 knots for the next 4-5 days. Perfect again!!

The best part is we don't know where we are going!! Can't decide between Jamaica, the Caymans, or Roatan Island. What a choice… Let's just see what the weather gods bring us and I'm sure our choice will be an easy one in the end.

Best to all home. We continue to enjoy and encourage visitors!!!

-Jim and Deb (and Bob)

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