Cal Football and the Rose Bowl

In what has unfortunately become an annual tradition, I have once again updated my Rose Bowl T-Shirt. 
As it turns out, I purchased this shirt in 2004 when it looked to be a near certainty that Cal would finally go to the Rose Bowl.  An event that last happened 11 months BEFORE I WAS BORN!!  Somehow, at the end of 2004 Texas displaced Cal and went to the Rose Bowl.

Not to worry, I was sure that Coach Tedford had us on the right path.  I just made a small change to the shirt and figured I’d be good to go on New Years Day 2005.

Well.  I’m still waiting (and updating my shirt every year).  Maybe next year???


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  1. OTOH, the real Bears… and by that I mean Da Bears – have now locked up the number two seed in the playoffs by dominating the NFC North Division. And the NFC North Rules having defeated both NY teams, Philly, and Miami in week 16. I may have to go back to Chicago for a playoff game, but first the Bears face quite the conundrum in Green Bay for week 17.

    The Bears have nothing to play for, and their best path to the Superbowl may be to lose to Green Bay – setting the second best team in the NFC loose as a wild card guided missile in the playoffs.. to whit:

    Green Bay goes to Philadelphia and knock off the Eagles in the wild card game, while the Bears enjoy the Minnesota Vikings Christmas gift of a bye week. Then the Bears beat New Orleans in a blizzard in Chicago while Green Bays knocks off Atlanta in Atlanta. Then the Bears beat Green Bay in the NFC Championship game in Chicago – again.

    I hate to say it, but the Bears should rest their starters in Green Bay this weekend.

    Just thought you'd want to know in case you wanted to get behind some winning Bears.


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