Phase 1: Complete!! We’ve made it to the Panama Canal

Really a pretty exciting place to visit.  For the past couple of days, we’ve noticed the increase in shipping traffic and traffic in general.  After weeks of seeing one or two boats a day, we see several at all times and are tracking many more on the computer.
We arrived in the “Canal Zone” at about noon this afternoon.  Ships anchored or underway everywhere.  The procedure is that you call into Traffic Control when you are one mile off the entrance bouy.  Give them your boat type, length, and speed. Plus a destination.  After that you are under their direction.

Check out the picture above to see what the traffic situation was when we arrived!!!

Moored at the Balboa Yacht Club now to clear customs and wait for friends that arrive on the 29th.  Best case we’ll transit the canal on the 30th!!



  1. Cool. Merry Christmas you guys! I didn't see a tree onboard for the opening… what's up with that?

    Your xmas dinner looked great. We had prime rib here with Sigrid's special horseradish sauce and garlic mashed potatoes. Also delicious.

    Thanks to Bob, we've got the Miraflores Lock up on a hi-rez webcam so we can watch the transit. Go through on daylight and try to do something entertaining on deck as you go through. Also give us plenty of notice. I'll take a few screenshots.


  2. I am looking forward to seeing Jim run around the deck with his fender when he is sandwiched in between the dock and some ship.



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