Morning Glory, AIS, and Punta Mal

We are currently sailing under a clear blue sky in 12-14 knots of breeze. Perfect!
Morning Glory just went by at 13 knots, but it turns out that this Morning Glory is a 200+ foot luxury cruising YACHT. Don’t know if it’s associated with the string of racing boats by the same name or not.
We did talk with them and confirmed that our AIS location transponder was transmitting and they said they had us on their plotter from 20+ miles away. Nice thing to know when you are about to enter the busy shipping lines on the way to/from the canal.
Punta Mal looms ahead and I think we’ll stop for the night just before then. Punta Mal is one of the busiest compression points for shipping traffic in the world. And my basic spanish has me a bit concerned as I think in English it is called “Point Bad”. We’ll tackle that tomorrow morning.
130 miles from the Canal!
PS. We’ve already been dodging shipping traffic all night and morning. You can tell things are about to get busy!
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