Deb’s update from the middle of somewhere…

Hello all:
Well, it’s been great sailing. We’ve been sailing from Cabo to PV now for about 30 hours, and we’ve run the engine for about 2 hours, and sailed the rest. I don’t really know what this part of the ocean is called.. Pacific – Sea of Cortez Convergence Zone? I haven’t had to change the sails or Otto for at least 4 hours. No dolphin or whales. Lots of flying fish. Really blue water. Warm, sunny, puffy clouds… Highlight of the day is a freshwater shower!
So, it’s up to you all to entertain me. Please call my children and harass them for not emailing. We have one email from Chris telling us to call him…. And nothing from Pat.
Anyone know how to get a dog to pee? Ita’s refusing to go while at sea.
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